Financial Consolidation

IBM Cognos Controller is financial consolidation software that supports the complete close, consolidate and report process. Automate and accelerate the close process with a full suite of financial consolidation software designed for finance users.

Cognos Controller allows you to deliver complete financial results, create financial and management reports, and provide the CFO with an enterprise view of key financial ratios and metrics.

Finance owns the consolidation process

  • No dependency on IT with the finance department independently owning and operating the solution.
  • Audit and track data flow throughout the consolidation process. Drill down into details to identify who did what and when.
  • Customize the consolidation process to handle specific requirements with user-defined business rules. Maintain a configurable foundation for finance users.
  • Ensure data consistency with a validation process that reconciles data for accuracy and notifies you of inconsistencies.
  • Accommodate mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations by updating structures or business rules once, and see the changes reflected throughout the application automatically.

Full financial close management solution

  • Address your extended financial close process.
  • Deliver close, consolidation and report processes for both internal and external audiences by including IBM Cognos Disclosure Management in the solution.
  • Integrate financial consolidation into a performance management system that includes reporting and analysis, scorecarding, planning and budgeting.

Scalable to serve both midsize and larger organizations

  • Provide midsize companies with affordable close, consolidation and reporting, managed by the office of Finance with Cognos Controller Express.
  • Handle simple to complex close, consolidation and reporting process requirements.
  • Perform enterprise-scale consolidation.

Integration with both IBM and non-IBM systems

  • Work with financial data in a variety of formats.
  • Leverage existing IT investments with the integration options for IBM and non-IBM systems.
  • Provide a true, technology-agnostic environment for all your financial and management reporting, e.g., for financial close management connected with virtually any data warehouse.

Local or global financial consolidation

  • Consolidate multiple views from legal, management and tax perspectives, or in terms of budgets, actuals, plans and forecasts.
  • Provide critical data for regulatory compliance including IFRS, GAAP reporting and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Perform advanced formula calculations using year-to-date (YTD) values, averages and multiple periods, combining financial and non-financial metrics.
  • Present certified financial results in multiple reporting and transaction currencies.
  • Make investment adjustments for complex ownership situations.









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