Our passion is solving our customers' business problems by implementing the best system to support the decision making process. We start each of our projects with an analysis of the problem. It is not always an easy task, but it is critical from the standpoint of determining the criteria for any project's success.

All our projects require us to understand the customer's business model and the challenges faced. By combining business expertise with the best technology, we are able to offer innovative solutions that meet the customer's business requirements. Learn why business leaders have chosen our company as a Partner in the implementation of key systems.


Projects carried out by our company require our consultants to have an excellent knowledge of the offered technologies as well as interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise in the field of finance, accounting, IT solutions architecture, IT systems implementation methodology and communication. Therefore, our company employs the best consultants on the market who are able to combine these skills. Each implementation team leader has over 5 years of experience in the implementation of our solutions. Our software-vendor-certified consultants are required to demonstrate expertise in managerial accounting.

In each of our projects we appreciate open partner communication. We start our projects from training the customer implementation team. From this moment, the process of transferring knowledge and building customers' technical competences starts. Aiming at success achievement is of great importance. The range of our consulting services include:

Pre-deployment services:

  • Professional pre-deployment analyses
  • Requirements defining and formalization
  • Project plan preparation
  • Analysis of the necessary resources

Deployment services:

  •  We run deployment projects by SCRUM methodology. We use the best solutions available on the market for communication with our customers

Post-deployment services:

  • Support
  • Administrative and substantive support
  • Health Check - audit and analysis of operating models, an indication of possible improvements and ways of achieving them
  • Renewal of software technical support services


We provide affordable and comprehensive support services for business and technology functions in Corporate Performance Management. Our services are subject to strict continuous quality control. We guarantee high SLA levels.

We developed our own Application Support Program, the scope of which is tailored-made. We always guarantee at least two consultants who are familiar with and maintain the customer's application. Therefore, we minimize the human factor associated with the availability of people familiar with the details of the implementation.

IBM Cognos TM1, BI, CDM and SPSS Application Support Program:

This program is based on a prepaid services package and the days that we set together with the customer depending on the needs. As part of the Application Support Program, we provide customer support in the busiest periods associated with maintaining the systems.

These include:

  • transition to the next year
  • performance loading for the next reporting period
  • period of budgeting or forecasting
  • changes in the business model

With the Application Support Program our customers have the best experts' support, and the access to the best practices related to the maintenance of their systems whenever they need it. 

What services are included in the Application Support Program?

As part of the Application Support Program we offer our customers:

  •  "2nd line of support" - resolving tickets connected with system functionality and performance
  •  maintaining business models components
  •  maintaining the FM models and reports
  •  system upgrade
  •  annual review of the system for optimization
  •  ad hoc development - implementation of minor functionalities

What is the support for licenses purchased at IBM?

Our company has an IBM Support Provider status , which allows software support services. As a part of this service a customer has the right to receive new versions of software and technical support for applications connected with the software.

How does the Application Support Program work?

We provide the services remotely to most of our customers. Both we and our customers prefer this method due to its short response times and costs. However, part of the work, we provide in the customer's premises. We also provide access to our help desk via telephone reports or website.


Depending on the scale and the type of project we use one of two methodologies - SCRUM 4 BA or CISM (waterfall). We run most of the projects by the unique SCRUM 4 Business Analytics implementation methodology , which maximizes the success of the project and makes our customers feel like authors of the solutions. According to the adopted methodology we put:

  • cooperation with the customer over formal arrangements
  • working software over extensive documentation
  • people and communication over processes and tools
  • responding to changes over following the plan

From the outset, our company has strived to establish long-term cooperation with clients rather than to make them depend on us. Therefore, our consultants work closely with client experts and administrators to ensure successful knowledge transfer during the project. At the end of our project, the client is aware that this is his solution and knows how it works.

SCRUM 4 BA is an iterative and incremental IT solution deployment methodology by which together with the customer we can overcome even the most complex project challenges and productively and creatively build the desired solution.









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